Meet Your Retirement Saving Goals  With Annuities

Individuals, and small businesses, choose annuities for many reasons.Annuities

Make annuities a reliable part of a long-term savings strategy tailored to meet your retirement goals. By investing in your future now, you can help ensure a steady income that lasts for years.

When considering an annuity, decide whether you plan to invest pre-tax dollars (qualified annuity) or after-tax dollars (non-qualified annuity).


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Types of Annuities


Deferred Fixed Annuities

offer stability by retaining a minimum guaranteed interest rate. Earnings are not taxable until you receive distributions.

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Immediate Annuities

start generating payments right away for a designated period of time.

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Variable Annuities

can generate higher returns but may be riskier because growth depends on multiple factors, including the stock market.

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Don’t Outlive Your Assets

If steady income and preservation of principle are goals you want to pursue, a deferred fixed annuity from Forever Young Financial and Insurance may offer advantages worth looking into. Contact your a Representative for more information.

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