Insurance Provides Financial Security

Prepare for Your Future by Planning Today

Insurance helps provide security throughout your life and income for your family in times of need. Forever Young can help you select the insurance products that best fit your lifestyle.

Building your coverage from the ground up allows for a solid foundation. Some things to consider:

  • Current income
  • Regular needs and expenses
  • Debts
  • Future goals and necessities
  • Retirement savings
  • Family responsibilities
  • A Variety of Needs

Everyone has different needs. Forever Young Insurance offers a range of products for a variety of individuals

Start Planning Today

Whether you are a newlywed looking to get started in your first home, protecting your family, or have business needs, there are insurance products designed for you. Contact your Forever Young Representative for more details.

Why do I need life insurance?

What would you do if the worst happened? Do you have a safety net in place to provide for your family? Most people don’t realize how important life insurance is until it’s too late. When someone in your family dies, and that person is covered by life insurance,

money provided by that coverage will go to the person your loved one has chosen. This person is known as the beneficiary, and is often the spouse or child of the loved one that has passed away.

The average funeral costs thousands of dollars, and most people don’t have that kind of money in the bank. Having life insurance in place gives families the opportunity to focus on the healing process, instead of worrying about finances.

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance is not just about paying for a funeral; it’s so much more than that. No one wants their death to be a burden, but unfortunately 70% of families would have trouble covering their regular expenses if the breadwinner died.

Many families use life insurance proceeds to help pay for college, pay off the mortgage, pay everyday bills, or to take some time off work while recovering from grief. If you’re asking yourself “Is life insurance worth it?” … imagine having to face unpaid medical bills every month following a loved one’s death. Or telling your kids you can no longer afford the activities they once enjoyed.


Life insurance Costs Less Than You Think

Many people skip life insurance because they believe it costs too much. In fact, people estimate life insurance to cost three times more than it actually does. Here’s the good news: life insurance can be affordable for most. You may even pay as little as one tank of gas costs you.