Why Life Insurance is Important

Life Insurance
This month I want to share a quick story about one my friends who benefited from his dad having a life insurance policy.  Mike is also the reason why I got started in the insurance business.  He truly believes his life would have been a whole lot different had his father not have good foresight and make sure his family was covered.  
I have a friend who is also in the Insurance Business, who benefited from his father having a life insurance policy.  Mike was a preteen when his dad died all of sudden from a heart attack.  His mother had a job, but didn’t make enough to afford the mortgage of their family home, and college for Mike would have been out of the question, without getting heavily in debt with student loans.  Mike’s dad had a life insurance policy with enough coverage to pay off the mortgage, send Mike to college and allow his mother to continue the lifestyle she was a custom.
Purchasing a life insurance policy is a selfless act that you may not be able to enjoy.  But having some piece of mind, if something should happen to you, your loved ones won’t have to sacrifice or change their current life to.
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