Why I Got Started in Insurance

I never had any plans to get my Life and Health Insurance Licenses but a few years ago it happen.  I tend to have some insightful knowledge in many industries as my friends and those I converse with come from all walks of life.  So I’m able to pick up on some of the inner workings of different industries.  
One of the industry I had learned about was Insurance more specifically Life Insurance and Health Insurance.  When my dad was eligible for Medicare he went to Solon’s Community Center to hear a presentation on Medicare.  He then signed up with the lady who did this presentation, and that was that, right?  
Wrong.  After I got wind of the policy she had put my Dad in, I started asking questions, like did you get Part C? Do you have a free gym membership?  Did she compare Prescription Plans part of the Part D?  My Dad’s response, I don’t know what you are evening saying.  So it became clear that my dad was a paycheck to her.  Medicare Coverage
I then talked to my friends in the Health Insurance arena if this was the norm?  I was told sadly a lot of agents out there, look at the commissions first and their client’s needs second.  And this lady was no different.  Now when it comes to family there isn’t much I won’t do, especially when it comes to my hero, my dad.  
So I studied and passed the Life and Health exam and became licensed for the purpose of taking care of my dad’s insurance, making sure he got the right policy for him, and not for a strangers checking account.   And when you do things for the right reasons, good things happen.  I never thought I would be an agent  managing insurance policies for anyone besides my dad.  But the word of my integrity began to spread and it has led to a nice book of business.  
I got my start by wanting to take care of my dad, and that spread by word of mouth.  And getting involved in Insurance was a great decision, I am able to help those who typically get taken advantage of because they are not sure of how the inner-workings of Insurance works.    When it comes to compensation on policies, I could not even tell you what I earn per carrier or policies, and I do this on purpose.  I don’t want anything to  interfere with making sure I give my clients the best sound advice for their needs.  So I removed my compensation out of the equation so I don’t even think about it.  If you do the right thing, and you love what you do the money will come and doesn’t need to be chased.
I encourage you to schedule an appointment or a call with one of our Agents or myself with Forever Young Insurance.  Our focus is you, as cliche as it sounds, we put your needs first and our focus is finding the right plans for your needs.
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